Anna’s death leaves family asking why she needed surgery so soon after flight home

SMH, 20 November 2017
Author: Aisha Dow
“Anna’s death is set to be probed by a coronial inquest next month, while members of her family are suing two of the Australian doctors involved in her care. They will argue that Anna’s orthopaedic surgeon and anaesthetist should have picked up on the risks and symptoms of deep vein thrombosis before she was operated on. The doctors declined to comment.”
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Paramedics launch class action over the sale of their medical records to personal injury solicitors

SMH, 18 November 2017
Author: Harriet Alexander
“Ambulance staff whose medical records were sold to solicitors will launch a class action against NSW Ambulance in the Supreme Court on Monday in an action that will test privacy law. NSW Ambulance contractor Waqar Malik was convicted of unlawfully disclosing personal information last year after he sold the worker’s compensation files of 130 former and current employees to personal injury lawyers.”
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Oxygen clinic staff to take stand when chiropractor faces court over dead client

SMH, 16 November 2017
Author: Adam Cooper
“Staff at an oxygen therapy clinic that claimed to offer cures for HIV and cancer and was caught up in the Essendon doping saga are to take the stand when their boss faces court over a client’s death.”
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Voluntary assisted dying bill defeated in NSW upper house

SMH, 16 November 2017
Author: Sean Nicholls
“State MPs have voted down a bill to introduce voluntary assisted dying laws in NSW following a full day of emotional debate. The bill was defeated in the Legislative Council by 20 votes to 19 in a vote that took place just after 11pm on Thursday.”
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Parents reach settlement with IVF clinic after sons were born with genetic condition Fragile X syndrome

SMH,13 November 2017
Source: AAP
“The parents of two boys with an intellectual disability say they can move on with their lives after reaching a settlement with a Sydney IVF clinic. Leighee Eastbury sued Australian IVF provider Genea, formerly known as Sydney IVF, after failing identify she was a carrier of the Fragile X syndrome.”
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Insurers discriminating against people who get genetic test results could hobble research, bioethicists warn

SMH, 8 November 2017
Author: Kate Aubusson
“Insurers are able to discriminate against individuals who undergo genetic testing, and that threatens to hobble genomic research, bioethics and law experts have warned in a recent paper published in Public Health Genomics. Anyone who receives their results of genetic testing as part of a research project needs to disclose them to insurers if asked, despite the Human Genetics Society of Australasia calling for research findings to be excluded. Insurers can deny cover or hike up premiums for healthy individuals who discover they carry a mutation for a condition they may never develop based on the testing results, the authors warned.”
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The right to know versus the right to privacy: donor anonymity and the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Amendment Act 2016 (Vic)

Med J Aust 2017; 207 (9): 377-378.
Author: Xavier Symons
“Recent Victorian legislation is ethically defensible but will need to be closely monitored. On 1 March 2017, the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Amendment Act 2016 (Vic) came into effect, allowing for the retrospective release of anonymous donor information to donor-conceived children. The legislation, an Australian first, allows donor children to know the name, date of birth, ethnicity, physical characteristics, genetic conditions and donor code of their donor parents, even where anonymity has been requested.”
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Legislation opens can of worms for gamete donors

MJA Insight, 43(6), 6 November 2017
Author: Cate Swannell
“Victorian legislation allowing donor offspring to have the identifying details of their previously anonymous biological parent is an imperfect solution to a “genuine ethical dilemma” and needs “rigorous monitoring and review”, according to experts.”
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