Another Sobering Result for Home Telehealth—and Where We Might Go Next

Arch Intern Med. Published online April 16, 2012. doi:10.1001/archinternmed.2012.685
Authors: Scott R. Wilson, DO; Peter Cram, MD, MBA
Comment on “A Randomized Controlled Trial of Telemonitoring in Older Adults With Multiple Health Issues to Prevent Hospitalizations and Emergency Department Visits”
“Rapid advances in technology combined with increasing demand for interventions that can “bend the cost curve” have stoked widespread interest in telehealth technologies. … In this issue of the Archives, Takahashi et al2 report on the results of a rigorous randomized controlled trial of telemonitoring in older adults at high risk for hospitalization. They found that in-home monitoring of biometrics (eg, blood pressure and weight) and symptoms failed to reduce hospital readmissions or the need for emergency department (ED) visits compared with usual care. The results of this study are important and sobering and warrant careful consideration. It might be tempting to discount the lack of benefit of the telehealth intervention…”
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