Opinions on conscientious objection to induced abortion among Finnish medical and nursing students and professionals

BMC Medical Ethics 2015, 16:17
Authors: Petteri Nieminen, Saara Lappalainen, Pauliina Ristimäki, Markku Myllykangas, Anne-Mari Mustonen
“Conscientious objection (CO) to participating in induced abortion is not present in the Finnish health care system or legislation unlike in many other European countries. We conducted a questionnaire survey with the 1st- and the last-year medical and nursing students and professionals including several aspects of the abortion process and their relation to CO. While the respondents mostly seemed to consider the continuation of adequate services important if CO is introduced, the viewpoint was often focused on the staff and surgical abortion procedure instead of the patients. The issue proved to be complex, which should be taken into consideration for legislation.”
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