2016 Conference for the Sydney University Network for Bodies, Organs and Tissues – Call For Papers

In March, the Network for Bodies, Organs and Tissues (NBOT) will host its annual multi-disciplinary, two day workshop on bodies and tissues. The event provides a forum for discussions of moral, ethical and regulatory issues relating to the access and control of tissue. The Network welcomes papers that examine the challenges posed by the different uses of tissues (e.g. reproductive, therapeutic, regenerative, research, education, etc.), and debates about how to manage and resolve body-based conflicts. It encourages contributions from a diverse range of disciplines, and which explore the broader implications of changes in the way we regard the human body, organs and tissues. We are currently calling for expressions of interest from Network members and their colleagues. Please send abstracts (200 words) to cameron.stewart@sydney.edu.au by Friday 19 February 2016.
The event is free and early career researchers are especially encouraged to attend.
Dates: 9 -10 March 2016
Venue: Sydney Law School, University of Sydney
Registration: Attendance at the workshop will be free but registration is essential. Register here.