An unethical, imprecise, potentially illegal x-ray practice

The Hindu, 7 February 2016
Author: K.S. Parthasarathy
“A few months ago, a section of the media reported that as many as 102 children, including orphans, received certificates of age after a dental college in Navi Mumbai used a dental x-ray method to determine their age. The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board issued a press release asserting that it does not approve of such routine use of dental x- ray examination of any person solely for age determination as a justified practice. AERB advised all the medical/dental x-ray facilities, dentists/dental surgeons as well as the general public to desist from using dental x-ray examination solely for the purpose of age determination or birth registration. AERB highlighted the fact that x-ray examinations are to be carried out only when it is considered as a medical necessity.”
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