Health providers react to Bill C-14

CMAJ, early release online 25 April 2016
“Physician  and  nursing  organizations have cautiously welcomed the  federal  government’s  proposed  assisted  death  legislation,  but  concerns  remain  about  the  criteria  for  access  to  the  service  and  protections  for conscientious objectors.
The  proposed  Bill  C-14  restricts  assisted  death  to  mentally  competent  adults  who  have  a  serious  and  incurable  illness,  disease  or  disability,  and  for whom natural death is likely in the forseeable  future.  It  does  not  address  more  controversial  issues,  such  as  whether  assisted  death  should  be  available  to  children  or  people  with  mental illnesses.”
Find article here. See also BMJ Journal of Medical Ethics blogs ‘No to Conscientious Objection Accommodation in Health Care‘.