NHS services hit in global cyber-attack across 12 countries

The Guardian, 13 May 2017
Authors: Damien Gayle, Alexandra Topping, Ian Sample, Sarah Marsh and Vikram Dodd
“The NHS has been hit as part of a global cyber-attack that threw hospitals and businesses in the UK and around the world into chaos. The unprecedented attack on Friday affected 12 countries and at least 16 NHS trusts in the UK, compromising IT systems that underpin patient safety. Staff across the NHS were locked out of their computers and trusts had to divert emergency patients. The same malicious software that hit NHS networks attacked some of the largest companies in Spain and Portugal and has also been detected on computers in Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan and eight other countries. In the UK, computers in hospitals and GP surgeries simultaneously received a pop-up message demanding a ransom in exchange for access to the PCs.”
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