Ethical issues in dialysis therapy

The Lancet, Volume 389, No. 10081, p1851–1856, 2017
Authors: Vivekanand Jha, Dominique E Martin et al
“Treatment for end-stage kidney disease is a major economic challenge and a public health concern worldwide. Renal-replacement therapy poses several practical and ethical dilemmas of global relevance for patients, clinicians, and policy makers. These include how to: promote patients’ best interests; increase access to dialysis while maintaining procedural and distributive justice; minimise the influence of financial incentives and competing interests; ensure quality of care in service delivery and access to non-dialytic supportive care when needed; minimise the financial burden on patients and health-care system; and protect the interests of vulnerable groups during crisis situations. These issues have received comparatively little attention, and there is scant ethical analysis and guidance available to decision makers.”
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