Ahmad v Medical Board of Australia (Review and Regulation) [2017] VCAT 1646

Decision date: 11 October 2017
“Review and Regulation List – Immediate Action against a medical practitioner– Summary suspension of applicant’s Alaskan medical licence – whether practitioner’s registration has been suspended under the law of another jurisdiction –whether reasonable belief that because of his performance or conduct the practitioner poses a serious risk to persons and it is necessary to take immediate action to protect public health or safety – conduct relating to practitioner’s prescribing of controlled substances including opioids while in practice in Alaska –whether practitioner can be permitted to work only as an anaesthesiologist or whether suspension is the minimum regulatory action required – decision of the respondent affirmed – Health Practitioner National Law ss 3(3)(c), 155, 156(1)(a), 156(1)(d).”
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