Dealing with treatment and transfer requests: how PGD-professionals discuss ethical challenges arising in everyday practice

Med Health Care and Philos, 2017, pp1-12
Authors: Soto-Lafontaine, M., Dondorp, W., Provoost, V. et al.
“How do professionals working in pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) reflect upon their decision making with regard to ethical challenges arising in everyday practice? Two focus group discussions were held with staff of reproductive genetic clinics: one in Utrecht (The Netherlands) with PGD-professionals from Dutch PGD-centres and one in Prague (Czech Republic) with PGD-professionals working in centres in different European countries. Both meetings consisted of two parts, exploring participants’ views regarding (1) treatment requests for conditions that may not fulfill traditional indications criteria for PGD, and (2) treatment and transfer requests involving welfare-of-the-child considerations.”
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