Health Care Complaints Commission v Farrell [2017] NSWCATOD 160

Decision date: 6 November 2017
“Health Practitioner Regulation National Law – Medical Radiation Practice (Radiology) – objectives and principles of the National Law – principles binding the Tribunal – unsatisfactory disciplinary conduct – meaning and principles to be applied – professional misconduct – meaning and principles to be applied – impairment – meaning and principles to be applied – competence – meaning and principles to be applied – suitability to practise – meaning and principles to be applied.”
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Henkelman v Psychology Council of NSW [2017] NSWCATOD 161

Decision date: 8 November 2017
“Application for dismissal of appeal pursuant to s 55(1)(b) of the Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2013 – principles to be applied. In summary, the Council: (1) Noted a pattern of complaints that raised concerns that Mr Henkelman either did not understand, or was in wilful disregard of his professional responsibilities in relation to professional boundaries; (2) Found that those complaints also raised concerns in regard to Mr Henkelman’s ability to communicate professionally and effectively.”
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GMC is criticised for failing to properly investigate case against cosmetic surgeon

BMJ 2017; 359: j5002
Author: Clare Dyer
“A cosmetic surgeon accused of improperly anaesthetising a patient and lying to cover it up has been exonerated on all charges by a medical practitioners tribunal, which also strongly criticised the conduct of the General Medical Council in bringing the case.”
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Canberra doctor ‘inappropriately kissed and hugged’ female patient

SMH, 28 October 2017
Author: Steven Trask
“A Canberra doctor behaved inappropriately when he intimately kissed and hugged a female patient, an independent tribunal has found. Dr Mohamed Helmy, a general practitioner from the suburb of Conder, fronted the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal earlier this month to answer a number of allegations made by the Medical Board of Australia.”
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Marquinez v Health Care Complaints Commission [2017] NSWCATOD 148

Decision date: 20 October 2017
“This is an application of Mr Orlando Marquinez for reinstatement to the register of nurses. We propose to dismiss the application for reinstatement. In addition, we propose to make an order pursuant to s 1263B of the National Law, as sought by the applicant. We further propose that a period of six months elapse before Mr Marquinez may apply again under s 163A of the National Law to the Tribunal to be reinstated to the Register.”
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Zaphir v Health Ombudsman [2017] QCAT 193

Decision date: 16 June 2017
“PROFESSIONS AND TRADES – HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS – HEALTH PRACTITIONERS REGULATION NATIONAL LAW GENERALLY – where the practitioner was an unregistered health practitioner – where the Health Ombudsman took immediate action by issuing an interim prohibition order in relation to the practitioner under s 68 of the Health Ombudsman Act 2013 (Qld) – where the interim prohibition order prohibited the practitioner from any employment (paid or otherwise) in a clinical or non-clinical capacity which relates to the provision of any health service – whether the Tribunal believes the action is necessary to protect public health or safety.”
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Ten-year ban for steroid-prescribing doctor

Australian Doctor, 27 June 2017
Author: Anthony Scholefield
“A doctor who wrote in his notes “naughty boy wants to get buff by April” when prescribing steroids and stimulants to hundreds of body-builders has been struck off for 10 years.”
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