Health Care Complaints Commission v Qadri [2017] NSWCATOD 155

Decision date: 30 October 2017
“Medical practitioner – inappropriate prescription of drugs of addiction without authority – held guilty of professional misconduct – finding that cancellation of registration is appropriate protective order – costs order made.”
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De-doctoring medicine via another layer of bureaucracy

MJA Insight, 30 October 2017
Author: Aniello Iannuzzi
“The draft report of the Independent Review of Accreditation Systems within the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS) for health professions has been released and it proposes massive changes, and is not to be glossed over.”
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Canberra doctor ‘inappropriately kissed and hugged’ female patient

SMH, 28 October 2017
Author: Steven Trask
“A Canberra doctor behaved inappropriately when he intimately kissed and hugged a female patient, an independent tribunal has found. Dr Mohamed Helmy, a general practitioner from the suburb of Conder, fronted the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal earlier this month to answer a number of allegations made by the Medical Board of Australia.”
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Bahramy v Medical Council of New South Wales [2017] NSWCATOD 146

Decision date: 19 October 2017
“ADMINISTRATIVE LAW -Application for reregistration of medical practitioner following deregistration in 2008 for professional misconduct -Whether practitioner has demonstrated he is a fit and proper person to be reinstated to the register -Applicant lacking insight-Application dismissed.”
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Marquinez v Health Care Complaints Commission [2017] NSWCATOD 148

Decision date: 20 October 2017
“This is an application of Mr Orlando Marquinez for reinstatement to the register of nurses. We propose to dismiss the application for reinstatement. In addition, we propose to make an order pursuant to s 1263B of the National Law, as sought by the applicant. We further propose that a period of six months elapse before Mr Marquinez may apply again under s 163A of the National Law to the Tribunal to be reinstated to the Register.”
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Ahmad v Medical Board of Australia (Review and Regulation) [2017] VCAT 1646

Decision date: 11 October 2017
“Review and Regulation List – Immediate Action against a medical practitioner– Summary suspension of applicant’s Alaskan medical licence – whether practitioner’s registration has been suspended under the law of another jurisdiction –whether reasonable belief that because of his performance or conduct the practitioner poses a serious risk to persons and it is necessary to take immediate action to protect public health or safety – conduct relating to practitioner’s prescribing of controlled substances including opioids while in practice in Alaska –whether practitioner can be permitted to work only as an anaesthesiologist or whether suspension is the minimum regulatory action required – decision of the respondent affirmed – Health Practitioner National Law ss 3(3)(c), 155, 156(1)(a), 156(1)(d).”
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Victorian woman fined $20,000 for posing as a psychologist and a general practitioner

Medical Board of Australia, 10 October 2017
“A court has fined a Victorian woman $20,000 without conviction and ordered her to pay $10,000 in costs for holding out as a psychologist and as a general practitioner. It followed her treatment of patients as a psychologist while not registered to do so under the National Law.”
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GP who had “wholly inappropriate” relations with patient is struck off

BMJ 2017; 359: j4798
Author: Clare Dyer
“A GP who engaged in a “wholly inappropriate” sexual relationship with a vulnerable patient has been struck off the UK medical register by a High Court judge, after the General Medical Council successfully appealed against a decision to suspend him for 12 months.”
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Health Care Complaints Commission v Menz [2017] NSWCATOD 141

Decision date: 29 September 2017
“PROFESSIONS AND TRADES – health practitioner – whether practitioner not a suitable person to hold registration. PROCEDURAL FAIRNESS –hearing complaint in absence of respondent constitutes a denial of procedural fairness.”
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