Indemnity provider calls for urgent reform of negligence payouts

BMJ 2017; 357: j3025
Author: Clare Dyer
“The spiralling cost of clinical negligence claims in England will become unsustainable unless the government reforms the system as a matter of urgency, a leading doctors’ indemnity organisation has argued at the launch of a new campaign.”
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Regina v Graeme Stephen Reeves

Unlawful killing charge regarding medical treatment: Acquital, 16 June 2017
“Generally, the Crown case is that the accused was grossly negligent in that, during the time that Mrs McAllister was under his care, the accused failed to appropriately physically examine her, that he failed to reconsider his diagnosis of viral illness, that he failed to order exclusionary tests for bacterial infection, including blood tests and vaginal swabs, and that he failed to order the commencement of precautionary antibiotic treatment.”
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Hobson v Northern Sydney Local Health District [2017] NSWSC 589

Decision date: 17 May 2017
“NEGLIGENCE – medical negligence – where plaintiff with Noonan Syndrome rendered paraplegic in surgery to correct spinal deformity and associated respiratory difficulties – where plaintiff’s intraoperative condition deteriorated significantly – where operation halted but not before the plaintiff suffered a spinal stroke that led to paraplegia – whether operation should have been abandoned before this occurred – whether reasonable to continue with operation having regard to plaintiff’s pre-operative condition – whether operation should have been abandoned when spinal monitoring became ineffective following administration of vecuronium to assist ventilation.”
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Gould v South Western Sydney Local Health District [2017] NSWDC 67

Decision date: 31 March 2017
“TORTS – negligence – public hospital – emergency medical and surgical treatment of severe thumb injury in 8 year old child – development of infection and gangrene resulting in surgical amputation of tip of thumb – whether breach of duty of care arising from delayed surgical irrigation, exploration and repair of wound – whether breach of duty of care arising from choice of particular antibiotic therapy and post-operative care – consideration of conflicting expert opinions…”
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