Gould v South Western Sydney Local Health District [2017] NSWDC 67

Decision date: 31 March 2017
“TORTS – negligence – public hospital – emergency medical and surgical treatment of severe thumb injury in 8 year old child – development of infection and gangrene resulting in surgical amputation of tip of thumb – whether breach of duty of care arising from delayed surgical irrigation, exploration and repair of wound – whether breach of duty of care arising from choice of particular antibiotic therapy and post-operative care – consideration of conflicting expert opinions…”
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Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia v Scott (Review and Regulation)

Date of order: 8 March 2017
“Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (Victoria) Act 2009 – ss 5 & 196 – suicide of in-patient in psychiatric inpatient service in context of failure by registered nurse to conduct 30 minutely observations or ensure such were conducted by other persons – failure by registered nurse to appropriately comply with supervision condition on registration.”
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Doctor freed in Bilaspur sterilisation deaths case

The Hindu, 21 February 2017
Author: Vidya Krishnan
“Two years after 13 women died and 65 were impaired in a botched sterilisation camp, Dr. R.K. Gupta was acquitted by the Chhattisgarh High Court on technical grounds last week. The surgeon — accused of using the same gloves, syringes and sutures on all the 83 women, and causing life-threatening infections — was acquitted after the prosecution argued that the investigators did not have the State government’s sanction, necessary to prosecute a public servant.”
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‘I swallowed a chicken bone and became a quadriplegic’: Hospital sued over misdiagnosis

The Age, 20 February 2017
Author: Julia Medew
“Shane is now suing the two hospitals that cared for him, alleging they did not listen to him and act fast enough to detect and repair the rectum perforation. Had it been treated faster, a writ in the Supreme Court says, he would have made a full recovery. “This is a tragic case. It illustrates the catastrophic and life-changing consequences that can stem from medical errors,” said Tom Ballantyne, a principal at Maurice Blackburn acting for Shane.”
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Calwell woman settles lawsuit against Canberra Hospital, doctors for $12m

SMH, 13 February 2017
Author: Alexandra Back
“A Calwell woman who was suing the Canberra Hospital and two doctors over alleged failures stemming from migraine drug treatment has settled the case for $12 million. It had been alleged that as a result of the alleged failures, Stacey Louise Cave, 40, suffered a stroke and brain damage, and was left dependent on a wheelchair.”
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South African officials were “negligent and reckless” in transfer of vulnerable patients to cut costs

BMJ 2017; 356: j632
Author: Pat Sidley
“At least 94 patients with mental illnesses and disabilities died in appalling circumstances after a contract between a private mental hospital and the Gauteng provincial government was cancelled last year.”
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