Medical device theft at SSM Health puts data on 836 patients at risk

Information Management, 30 May 2017
Author: Joseph Goedert
“A medical device that records physiological data was stolen on April 12 from SSM Health Orthopedics, which operates out of SSM Health-owned DePaul Hospital in St. Louis, potentially affecting the data of 836 patients. The organization said the medical device, which looks similar to a laptop computer, contained in its memory some physiological data as well as protected health information from patients who participated in a study between 2002 and 2017. The organization notified the patients that some of their protected health information has been compromised.”
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Healthcare Portals, Patient Photos Pose Possible Data Security Gaps

Information Management, 19 April 2016
Author: Joseph Goedert
“As the healthcare industry continues to confront cybersecurity threats and seek ways to improve defenses, it must consider every avenue that might lead to access to patient information. Some potential gaps are not as obvious. For example, there is a potential security gap within the patient portals that providers are offering to patients. Another security worry is the lack of attention to securing digital photos of patients taken in a hospitals.”
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The Medical Identity Theft Apocalypse? Fear the Walking Files

Huffington Post, 17 September 2015
Author: Adam Levin
“Criminal cyber attacks on health care information repositories have increased 125 percent since 2010. With the announcement of the Excellus breach last week, the total number of big-headline medical information compromises reported in 2015 (such as Anthem, Primera, Carefirst) had crossed the mind-blowing demarcation line of 100 million files.”
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