Doctors urge Theresa May to publish anti-smoking strategy

The Guardian, 5 January 2016
Author: Sarah Boseley
“More than 1,000 doctors, healthcare professionals and public health experts, including heads of royal colleges and public health institutions, are calling on the prime minister to publish the latest tobacco control plan without delay. Experts hope the new UK tobacco control plan, which has been delayed in part because of the Brexit vote and its fallout, will plot the course for driving smoking rates down to 5% by 2035, which a report from Cancer Research UK said was feasible.”
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Philip Morris seeks U.S. approval to market alternative cigarette

Reuters, 6 December 2016
Author: Natalie Grover, Sruthi Ramakrishnan,Toni Clarke
“Philip Morris International Inc (PM.N) filed a much-awaited U.S. application to market a new type of cigarette that heats rather than burns tobacco and may carry fewer health risks. The company’s application is the first to seek U.S. approval to market a tobacco product as being less harmful than traditional cigarettes.”
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How e-cigarettes could ‘health wash’ the tobacco industry

The Conversation, 1 December 2016
Authors: Ross MacKenzie and Benjamin Hawkins
“The evidence that e-cigarettes help people quit smoking was described in the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recent report as “scant and of low certainty”. So far tobacco companies are the only actors to successfully gain medical licences for such products, although none have yet come to market. But the decision to seek medical approval for their products may have serious consequences.’
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Make tobacco firms liable for smoking harm

Washington Post, 13 November 2016
Author: Nirmala George
“A global conference on tobacco control has pledged to hold the tobacco industry legally liable for health consequences of smoking and protect public health policies from the influence of tobacco companies. Representatives from around 180 countries participating in the World Health Organization’s global tobacco control treaty negotiations on Saturday adopted a declaration in which they also vowed to prohibit or regulate the sale of e-cigarettes.”
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Smoking declines dramatically but linked to 40 percent of cancer cases

Washington Post, 10 November 2016
Author: Laurie McGinley
“New government reports say that the smoking rate among adults has declined sharply over the past decade but that 40 percent of cancer cases still may be related to tobacco use. Those malignancies go beyond cancer in the lungs to include a dozen other parts of the body, including the throat, stomach, pancreas and liver. More work needs to be done to help groups whose smoking rates remain disproportionately high and cautioned against underestimating the difficultly of quitting smoking.”
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How the tobacco industry is gaming Australian health regulations

The Conversation, 2 November 2016
Author: Steven Greenland
“Australia’s tough tobacco regulations are acting as a catalyst for the industry to develop sophisticated marketing practices. These companies are gaming the system by anticipating regulatory impact and then using unregulated marketing elements to overcome it.”
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Why requiring low-nicotine cigarettes is still ill-advised

The Conversation, 25 October 2016
Author: Lynn T. Kozlowski
“Global policymakers will soon consider a policy of requiring that only reduced-nicotine cigarettes can be manufactured or sold. This may sound good, but as someone who has studied tobacco for decades, I believe it is premature to deploy this as a tool to improve global health.”
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Big Tobacco’s dirty tricks in opposing plain packaging

The Conversation, 17 October 2016
Author: Jenny Hatchard
“Tobacco companies want to sell you cigarettes today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future. Whether you’re at the tobacco counter or out with friends, glitzy cigarette packaging is a really important part of their sales pitch. Tobacco companies are aware of this. It’s why they are so opposed to their cigarettes being put in plain packaging.”
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U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear tobacco arbitration dispute

Reuters, 11 October 2016
Author: Lawrence Hurley
“The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday let stand lower court rulings allowing Pennsylvania and Maryland to keep tens of millions of dollars in a dispute with tobacco companies involving the massive 1998 settlement over deceptive marketing and advertising of cigarettes.”
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Philippines set to roll out tough no-smoking law

Reuters, 12 October 2016
Authors: Kanupriya Kapoor, Enrico Dela Cruz
“Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is set to sign a regulation this month banning smoking in public across Southeast Asia’s second-most populous country, rolling out among the toughest anti-tobacco laws in the region.”
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